1. thatsopranochick:

    I got pirate Figaro! Reblog with what you get!

    Sexy Don Carlos

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  2. netflixuk:

    "The only drug I need is horse." BoJack Horseman, only on NetflixUK

    Not watching this show.

  4. netflixuk:

    My show kicks this much ass… BoJack Horseman, only on NetflixUK

    Anyone really tired of this advert? Never going to watch this show.

  5. georgetakei:

    I’m just going to leave these right here.


    Me in five years.

    Make it three.



  6. miss—vintage:

    So, casually walking to the shop to get some bread, some guy eyes me up and says ‘heyy Mammmy, how you doinnnnnn’


    Once again,embarrassed to be a man.


  7. dcwomenkickingass:

    Warner Bros. makes a lot of money each year licensing the rights to the superhero IP of DC Comics. And that includes literally hundreds of t-shirts. We know that licensing can be pretty strict. It took a public shaming for them to allow the Superman logo to be used on…

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  8. And other overused phrases.

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  9. homestarrunnerandstrongbad:

    Oh my god oh my god oh my god check it out check it out check it out!!!

    Strong Bad’s Twitter Updated for the first time yesterday, which strongly implies that the time is nigh…

    - Editor of homestarrunnerandstrongbad


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  10. tabletopfan86:

    My latest blog entry about voice types. Only a short read because it’s Sunday morning and I’m still in bed, plus I’m sure many other people can speak with authority on fachs, but I’m not one, but felt like giving my opinion.