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    ~ Shak and Beyoncé’s video for Beautiful Liar has reached 100 million views! #VevoCertified

    ~ ¡El video de Beautiful Liar con Shak y Beyoncé ha llegado a los 100 millones de reproducciones! ShakHQ

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  2. Chairman Kovner, President Polisi, most distinguished honorees, dedicated family, friends, faculty, and to EACH of the talented, ambitious, courageous, adventurous Juilliard graduates of the class of 2014 before us here today…

    I love this video. Really inspiring.

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    1. Kris Anka
    2. Kevin Wada

    i believe kevinwada and mine friendship was forged from x-lady fashion

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    Illustration for German opera magazine “Engelsloge”. Explaining the term “opera dialogué”, which is a form of opera that is compromised of mainly recitative, without arias. It has been favoured by ”The Mighty Five”, a group of Russian composers in the 1860s.

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    scarlett johansson + hair

    this is like those do you love the color of the sky posts but better

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  6. "Opera is a virus you get from kissing."
    — Welcome To Night Vale (via solointhesand)

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  7. Reblog if you want a Black Widow movie.




    "Do You?"

    If I ever stop reblogging this, assume I’m watching the movie at that time.

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    hey! i have these comics that are just sitting on my bookshelf so i thought to myself i should give them away to someone. so i thought to myself ‘who would love some marvel comics? my followers would love some marvel comics!’ so here we are! [actual comics pictured above!]

    what it is:
    • there are two seperate prizes
    • young avengers volumes 1-3 [issues 1-15]
    • hawkeye volumes 1-2 [issues 1-11]
    • there will be two winners chosen my a random generator
    • the first person picked will get their choice if they want the hawkeye or young avengres comics
    • second person will get the other set
    • yes there are rules sorry
    • you must be following me
    • reblogs only count - you can like to bookmark it but they don’t count as an entry
    • you can reblog it as many times as you wish but don’t spam your followers with it
    • no giveaway blogs
    • giveaway ends on september 15th
    other stuff:

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    That gazebo is so fucked

    Are you sure gazebo is the correct word?




    I cried

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    Am getting tired of “The Private Life of Clara Oswald and her Eccentric Elderly Friend”, Moffat. It’s called Doctor Who for a reason and it survives on the Doctor. Making your very special (the most special of all) companion be the Deus Ex Machina behind the…

    Pooh, sorry for not spending all episode on the titular character. We have a huge backlog of episodes to learn about him. Much less is known about Clara, so learning about her is fresher. I’m not saying every episode should be that Clara focused but the series can’t ride on just one character. Plus you did learn about the doctor’s origins in a big way. Which you also didn’t like. So when it wasn’t about the doctor you didn’t like it, but when it was about the doctor, this also wasn’t good? Hmmm. I liked it, strong episode. There should be a mix between silly episodes and more serious ones.

    I think I’ve pretty plainly established that I haven’t liked the direction of the show under Moffat at all. The efforts to define more about the Doctor and his origins reek of self-importance and Moffat getting to be the one to put that stuff down, just like his pet character being the one to marry the Doctor, and the attitude toward female characters both in this show and in his other work like Sherlock speaks volumes. Moffat has also pushed the character into increasingly obnoxious ‘dark’ territory, something that’s continued from the Eleventh Doctor onward, and yet refuses to really deal with the subject properly or with any real weight or substance, turning the Doctor into a man who increasingly throws people into dangerous situations, absolves himself and then broods on the matter. Oh, and jokes about women, plus outright getting people killed, as of a couple of weeks back. So no, I DON’T like it when the show’s about the Doctor, and I DON’T like it when the show’s not about him, because there’s something fundamentally wrong with the show and has been for several years now, and that’s the showrunner, who showed massive promise as a writer, but was promoted to a position where he stinks.

    I really don’t mean this as an inflammatory comment, but am curious.

    Why do you watch new episodes then? The show is likely to be this way while Moffat is in charge, so why put yourself through it?

    For Capaldi, largely, and the hope that things could get better. They’re quickly becoming dashed.